Freezing up with someone tries to kiss you.

I am a female who likes my best friend that is a female. She has been a lesbian for like 10 years, and she is the first and only female that I have ever liked. She knows that I have feelings for her. Any who, the other day our other close friends were over my house, and she was flirting with them, and even kissed one of them. When I tried kissing her, (she froze up) with her fingertips touching her lips and she said, "no. I can't do it" your my friend". "I feel different towards you, compared to them". She also said, I talk to you everyday, and I barely talk to them". Now, to let you know, it has nothing to do with my appearance, because I am known to be a very attractive woman. (just to let you know too, when I used to stay the night at her house, she used to hold me when we were asleep, but she said that she only did that because I was comfortable). But if you tried kissing one of your friends, and they froze up, and said that they couldn't do it, what would you think? She didn't have an attitude or anything. Someone please tell me does it seem like it is more than because we are best friends?


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  • wow, this is tough- but I believe that she is trying to repect your friendship, really. Being friends with someone for so long could definitley be something that one would not to wreck. And maybe she is confused by your actions. If you have never been with a woman before and now have chose that you are interested in her. I don't think you should be offended, maybe dissapointed and a little upset. as it always hurts a little when someone doesn't like you back as much as you like them. What has your friendship been like since this happened?

    • How could she be confused with my actions, if she knows that I like her, and want to kiss her? I have liked her for about 7 months now. We are still best friends. She has known that I have liked her for a long time now. Honestly, if a person were to freeze up like that, and say they can't do it, what would it mean to you?

    • Well for me If a person was to freeze up and not want to kiss me when I go to kiss them, I would take that as them not being attracted to me on that level.

      So yes, she may have known for the last 7 months that you are attracted to her and like her. but maybe she just wants to remain best friends and not take it to another level.

  • no its just that she doesn't like you that way she likes you or maybe even loves you as a friend that's all wait a while and see what happens waiting never hurt any one or anything

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