My guy friend went off angry after I kissed another guy, does he still like me?

My guy friend was in love with me years ago and I didn't feel the same way,but we remained friends after a few months of not seeing each other...Since then he has had a girlfriend and I have had a boyfriend,we are both now single though.He has depression and tends to get more depressed when we are out at a club,I think because he has trouble with women,so he doesn't feel very good about it...he gets sad while we are out a lot..But this time,I kissed a guy and he walked off angry and upset...he got kicked out because he kicked the wall after he walked off..And I asked him about it later on,I said are you angry that I kissed someone else and he paused for a bit and said no,it just makes me feel like crap that you can just get guys like that,I never get girls... I can understand that he feels that way,but it made me wonder does he still like me..because of the way he acted.I know it is because he has trouble well finding women,but it's just made me wonder..?He is really a great guy and I wish a girl would come along,but I can't be that girl..


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  • sounds more like he was just being pissy, I might get like that though if I see a girl that I think of like a sister kissing a guy I know is bad news (just because I feel like I gotta protect her, you know) but I wouldn't be kicking a wall.

  • the dreaded friend zone! that's the worst thing for a guy to happen! well I think he still likes you otherwise he wouldn't have gotten mad at you. I've been through a situation like this and it sucks, for your friend, it's pretty much wanting some thing he can't have (which is you he wants). ask yourself this: If you really liked a guy and you saw him kiss a girl, how you feel? just think about it and talk to him, get things cleared.

    • But he gets genuinely down anyway..Even when we're not out at a club.I can't really ask him if he still likes me though

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