I went out whit the girl I like for the first time?

Hi! Yesterday i went out whit the girl i like for the first time, she invited me to be whit her and some friends of her that i didn't know, today we talked and she said her friends liked me and said i was very nice, during all the time we spent together the girl i like was always close to me she didn't leave my side even when i need to get something to my car she went whit me

She always asked if i was alright since i didn't know her friends and was a bit off topic but i had fun :D, she thouched my arms a lot and punched them on a playfull way just even her girl friends said "he will get bruises hahaha" me and her locked eyes a lot of times and didn't look away for like 5/6 sec we shared some videos of us and our friends on our phones, we had a lot of physical touch i touch her back she touched mine.

She had some red on her cheeks because we were on the beach a bit before and she got sun burn, thats when i looked her in the eyes and calmly passed my thumb on her cheek on the redness area saying she need to put some lotion when she gets home so that her skin doesn't get worse, funny fact xD when we went to my car the sidewalk was too straight for both of us and i was always on the road to protect her and she was always holding close to her cause she was freaking out, she is so cute xD

We laugh a lot together whit each other and about each other i love it yesterday and she said she loved it aswell, i told her the thing i liked the most was when we locked eyes (so corny xD)

She wants to be alone whit me to grab a coffee when we have time to spend together

Monday we will be togheter and whit her girl bestfriend we gonna see a concert

To be honest i thing we clicked and if we keep going like this maybe somthing will happen but i will just go whit the flow and enjoy my time whit her and get to know her better :D

In short, do you guys and girls think it was a successful night? She might like me back but its too soon lets see where this gets us

She is and was awesome

I went out whit the girl I like for the first time?
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