Guys...what does a kiss on the forehead mean after.......

I have been descreetly seeing this man for over 1 year now. We are both in relationships and he has known for some time that I have have strong feelings for and towards him. WE have always kissed on the lips. On more than one occasion I have asked him how does he truly feel about me and his response is we shouldn't be talking about feelings. So I carry on and go about my way but always left in doubt. We see each other occasionally and talk on the phone occasionally. He is very closed in about his feelings in general.he never talks about his personal life, family life, etc.only how nice I look, how I've been.and etc.usually focused on me. Here lately he has been more affectionate that he normally has throughout the whole year we have been talking. The day finally came when I poured to him my differences with me and my spouse and he left me with a kiss on the forehead. Not once did we kiss or make any type of physical connection. Afterwards I realized after I left that I should have at least given him a kiss goodbye. So I made a trip to see him again. This time I confessed my love for him. This was the first time over a year that I admitted my love for him. Not once in the process did he ever stop me, interrupt me, or distant himself from me. I kissed him on his lips as I told him. Did I get a response.of course not. Which I expected. But I left him with a kiss goodbye and with the memory of his kiss prior to my confession on my forehead. Guys out there what does this mean to you?


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  • well first off.if I was him and I did that, it would usually mean that he is not yet ready to commit himself to you, or maybe he likes someone else.i think that if he gives you a kiss on the head that he does care for you, and well obviously is a genuinly nice guy, and maybe he just knows deep down inside he knows it won't work or he just doesn't want to make it work.he also afraid you might not like him if he rejects you, so he doesn't say anything.this happened to me.i was quiet like him, but my mistake was not being very open about it, and we ended up not being friends because she didn't want to, she was mad, so if I were you, I would talk more to him about this, just ask him a few questions like; are you not ready to commit yourself or, is it best just to stay friends, because the last thing he would want is for you two to not like just be reasonable with him, and hopefully everything will be back to the way things were before so u'll still have each other in eachothers lives!


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  • Well you my best attempt to be kind I'd offer that you're done. Finished. A kiss on the forehead can be OK in a relationship BUT NOT in the context that you've described.

    And you know it.

    And you have a spouse so it really doesn't matter how you feel towards him since you are not on the market and you're only making things worse by cheating. How would you feel if you cheated on Mr. Right? the same? Why would you think it could ever be good if you're not being honest? Neither of you are truthful it seems but he didn't write the question above. So be happy that it's over and spend a little more time trying to give your spouse the attention he deserves. Your life may benefit. And if not then end the marriage BEFORE mating with others.

    Sorry to be so harsh but you DID ask.

    Good luck

  • Despite your ties and cheating you love him and he is unsure, guilty, but with strong feelings for you.

    Now I have a serious question for you link

    I want to get serious with a virgin chick, since I am a virgin, but I worry about her lieing of prior expereince and cheating. Since I'm a v I'd feel super depressed over such a thing.


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