Do you ever consider that perhaps staying single will result in a happier, less stressful life?

I’m 27 years old. I went to college for 5 years to get a Master’s of Engineering in biomedical engineering. I currently have no debt, own a car, and make low 6 figures. Physically, I’m 5’11, 175 lbs, and don’t mind being a relatively thin guy.

When I was 16 I was selected to go to “boys state” where 2 guys from certain high schools went to a college for a week of leadership activities. On day 1, we had a group seminar along with the girls from “girls state” to learn what we were doing there. My roommate who I talked to a lot within the first few hours wrote my phone number on a piece of paper and chucked it at the girls, and one of them texted me.

I texted with this anonymous girl throughout the week and she seemed sweet. The boys were kept separate from the girls after that seminar, but all of us met up on the final night for a dance. I made plans to meet this girl before the dance, and I was excited. When I saw her, she looked very pretty. But when she saw me, she simply said “Oh”, and turned around and walked away. My self confidence was crushed, and I went back to the room and went to bed while everyone else was at the dance.

In college, I got rejected by the handful of women I asked out, but a couple of those rejections were brutal. A couple of girls straight up laughed at me, and didn’t even say “no thanks.”

In college I got talked into going to some parties. At one of those parties I danced with a cute girl for maybe 10 minutes before a 6’3, huge guy came up and said “she’d never get with a guy like you.” She laughed, looked at me with disgust, and started dancing with him. Another time, a girl came up to me and grinded on me for 5 seconds, then ran off to her friends and pointed and laughed. Another time a girl put a barstool behind me on the dance floor as a prank.

I haven’t approached a woman in 5 years, and my life has been much better since. I no longer put myself in positions to get treated like scum, and am focusing on my career goals and hobbies.

Do you ever consider that perhaps staying single will result in a happier, less stressful life?
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