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Will it work out?


Im about to date this guy who has a 5 year old daughter. Everyday he has to pick her up from school and he is on the phone with me. He has her on the weekends and prioritizes her in everything. He's even talking about wanting full custody. He has her on everything as his wallpaper on his phone and on his apple watch. When im on the phone with him, he and I is always getting interrupted by her and i can hear her in the background talking. The whole time we are on the phone im listening to his and her conversation. I feel like a third wheel. The only time we can do things is late at night when she is asleep.

Not only this but him and the childs mother doesn't get along well. He claims he has no issues with her and that she just doesn't like him.

The daughter is very sweet and caring and seems to love her dad a lot. I dont want to be a stepmom and don't want someone elses child attached to me. I want to have children with a man but I want my own children with a man who doesn't have any children. I want to think of things before i let go.

Will it work out?
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