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How do you move from online to a date?


I have been talking to this guy online for almost 2 weeks. He seems like a catch and that we are looking for the same things. He only sends 1-2 msgs a day which I don’t mind since he’s a good conversationalist which has been hard to find online. He has made a lot of flirty comments that I’m beautiful etc. which sometimes makes me wonder if they’re a fake account plus the fact he hasn’t asked me out yet.

It’s weird because he has made a few comments about going out but hasn’t actually asked. He said what do I like to do on a first date and then when am I usually free (since I have a child). I just don’t like having weeks of convo with someone without meeting.

How do I proceed in either figuring out if he’s a fake or if he actually wants to go out. Just over wasting time and I hate initiating as I feel like he would ask if he wanted to?

How do you move from online to a date?
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