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Girls, Will you date this guy, why or why not?


I am having a hard time getting dates and understanding the problem. Looking for self-improvement and evaluation as I don't have much dating experience.

I am a graduate student in physics at a highly prestigious university. Prior to this, I had one M. S. and one M. Phil.

I have several hobbies, although most of them are realistic and creative wise like drawing, crafting, and playing the violin. I write poetry and short stories that got published in magazines. In my free time, I volunteer at local animal shelters and for people with audio-visual disabilities. I grew up with a lot of pets so I love them.

My fav passion outside physics is cooking and I am particularly good at it. It's one thing I am actually proud of. I have mastered thousands of dishes all over the world with their detailed background and history. I try to actively learn from friends all over the world and read ancient cookbooks that almost no one knows about.

Likewise, I will not say I am ugly but perhaps average. But I am not too tall ( 5'6"). I stay active by running and cycling so not fat but don't have big muscles either.

The problems I generally face are like this... I never had a girlfriend before. I was a little busy and didn't have money growing up so it was hard to date as most of the time guys are expected to pay. Didn't get a second date after telling them as they wanted someone experienced or they consider me nerdy. To some, not having a motorbike/car by my age was a dealbreaker. Some told to my face that guys like me are only good after the thirties like stuff...

Lately, I am having a hard time, almost everyone I know had multiple partners by my age or in long-time relationships. Spending every holiday alone is getting to me.

Girls, Will you date this guy, why or why not?
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