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Am I being ghosted?

This guy and I started hanging out in late November. We’d been on a few dates and everything seemed to be going well until last week. I could tell he really liked liked me, for my birthday he even gave me a book with things he liked about me and our connection. Last week, we started getting a bit more touchy and then all of a sudden he started acting distant. I noticed the shift in energy and now I’m physically fucking sick. I wasn’t looking for a relationship and now I’m really upset. I had asked him if anything was wrong and he said everything was fine. He doesn’t text me first and keeps our conversations short. I didn’t push it because if someone wants to tell you something they would. I’m just so distraught because he really was my good friend before we started building a relationship together. I have no idea what went wrong and I just wanna give the book back to him and never speak to him again.
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Am I being ghosted?
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