Do we just want different things?

So I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now, he’s 36 and I’m 27, when I got with him he was a playboy and has told me he’s slept with over 100 people (this obviously doesn’t define who he is as I chose to get into a relationship with him) however he works hard 5 days a week and then plans things with friends etc and I only ask to have one weekend of a month for him to do something and his answer is always that he sees me in the week so wants to go out every weekend with friends, I see him when I ask in the week and I have to go to him and spend time with him and his brother which I do enjoy obviously but isn’t just our time, he then tells me he has no money etc but I see his receipts when going out spending £250+ per round, I appreciate how hard he works but just feel like I am only fun for him to be around when he has nothing better to do, I have spoken to him about it and he says I can’t dictate what he does but I never want to do this I just want some separate time to be appreciated, I feel past the stage of going out all the time drinking it’s nice every so often but I’d take a night at home with him anyway
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It’s not even just about weekends I have spoken to him about numerous things as I really care about him and want a future with him but nothing changes, for example I’ve spoken about our sex life being quite boring, we have sex often but I feel like it’s just for him as he does nothing to pleasure me despite me brining it up and trying different things. I do try often to talk to make things better but just get told I’m arguing
Do we just want different things?
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