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He's living with his Ex. Am I completely wasting my time?


I started dating this guy about a month ago. Seemed nice. We hit it off. He was also pretty eager to see me often... except at the weekends. At first I didn't mind. Or the fact that nothing physical was happening (despite me even offering to go back to his), but I quickly got suspicious.

It came to a head today when, again, I suggested I could go over to his at the weekend to spend some time together. He said it wouldn't be good because his "roommate" would be home. I quickly understood and pointed out that "roommates" don't usually care if one brings a girl over. Forced him to admit that it was his "Ex" and he didn't feel comfortable bringing me over until she knew what was going on. I suggested that this "Ex" seemed strangely still a part of his personal life and he admitted he knew it was strange, but also didn't want to make her feel weird. Said I could meet her if I wanted and we could "sort everything out".

I told him I would meet her this weekend. Or that was it. He hasn't messaged back yet, but am I completely wasting my time even giving him that chance? All the time we've been going out and talking, he could have brought it up at any stage. But I had to force it out of him. I feel like it stinks of unfinished business, if he's not just plain cheating.

He's living with his Ex. Am I completely wasting my time?
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