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What makes us attracted to certain body types?


Asian women evolved the way they did, because that’s what Asian men preferred this,

Being from a country that is on the crossroads of Eastern Europe, Middle East, Western Asia - My country’s phenotypes are very versatile, you can meet ethnic Georgians who look like Slavs, or Spanish or Middle Eastern or Japanese. You can literally find anything there.

But one thing is universal - Men in Georgia just lose their minds when they see a woman with curves. So Georgian men are not a big fan of Asian body types.

As for me, I have noticed that I, too, like strong pronounced bodies, not very slim. I have seen men with very muscly slim legs, but I have thought that because their legs are so slim, they are not fit for me. Because my dad has very muscular body and legs and I, too, have more pronounced legs than Asians here.

So, when I see someone with slim legs, I feel like I might be gentle to him, because I feel like he’s fragile. My coworker is of Slavic descent, he’s got this broad shoulders, very nice figure but very slim legs.

I know he’s not fragile and is much stronger than me, but that’s what’s my first association in my mind.

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I think maybe, my ex fiancé, also left some trace in my mind as to what I find attractive?

He was the physical ideal of what I think a man should be like.

I understand that I will most likely never meet a man like him anymore.

He had broad shoulders, very slim waist, perfect V shape and very muscular, long, thick legs.

If I could cast someone in Terminator, I’d cast him as a Terminator.

Maybe when I actually see that slim legs are not a sign of weakness, I will change my attraction?
What makes us attracted to certain body types?
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