He called me sexy?

How should I feel about his "Hey sexy hows it going?" message

I was talking to this guy on a dating site for maybe two weeks and then I stopped because I had a family emergency that really set me back. He sent me multiple messages which I got but I just didn't feel up to messaging him back. Then I get a message that read "Hey sexy hows it going?" Sexy? He has saw one picture of me and the thinks he can call me sexy? I'm confused. I am the least of sexy.


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  • -_-

    Sigh. What's the deal, he made you a form of a 'compliment" (albeit slightly vulgar). There's nothing to be so surprised/shocked about.

    • the slightly vulgar part is what I don't really like though. So what you are saying is don't take it too literal, just take the compliment? Thanks for your input.

    • yep pretty much.

      "Hey there sexy" isn't really any different from "hey there darlin" or "hey there beautiful". Don't think too much of it.

      although, his choice of words could indicate towards him having a very sexual mind-set

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  • It's sounds like a stock banter sort fo messege. Like "Hi, how are you" sort of thing. Don't read too much into it. It merely means he likes you and not much beyond that.

  • he was trying to compliment you/ peak your interest in order for you to start talking to him again


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  • realli I don't see the big deal :/ I mean for you to try to read anything into it. he probably just wants to know how you been doin since you stop messagin him.

    u can always ask him :p

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