If a guy only texts you Happy Birthday?

If a guy only texts you Happy Birthday, but wishes happy birthday to others on their Facebook wall, does that mean he doesn't really like you? Why not write happy birthday on my wall, why just a text? I wrote it on his wall, his was before mine. I think we're just friends, but still.


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  • A text or a call is more special than a Facebook wall wish, in my opinion OR it may mean that he doesn't want his friends to see that he wished you a happy birthday for whatever reason he might have. Follow your gut feeling.

    • I guess, but he wished it on other girls walls. I clicked their names and the few I did click on, they weren't very pretty but still. Who cares if his friends see it, I don't understand.

    • I gave you two scenarios for you to pick one. It is just more personal and sweet :)

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  • a text is more personal, you don't just text anyone, think about it you write on the walls people your not even close too wishing them happy birthday. he's making more of an effort than others to wish you happy birthday :)

    • Well, he said before he's not looking to date. I mean, yeah texts are great and what you said is true, I don't know. Maybe I'm looking into this more than necessary. My birthday was two months ago almost, but it just occured to me now ha ha

  • writting on someone's wall isn't nearly so personal as a text-i mean you don't text anyone! =) I think he just might like u!

    • Ha ha. I doubt it, well not anymore anyways. He deleted me off Facebook a few weeks ago, I don't know why. What a jerk...

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