What should I do, I accidentally called this guy I like.

I accidentally called this guy at night when I was drunk, it was a genuine mistake but what makes it worse is that I have a crush on him and he probably knows this. I was also kinda getting signs he liked me too.

I don't know if he would have had his phone turned off since it was late or not so I don't know if he's even aware it happened. What is worrying me now is he doesn't stay online on skype for long, he used to be on for ages and now stays on for about 15mims, I can't help but think it's so I don't talk to him. Twice he has gone offline when I have come on but I don't know if it's a coincidence because I know there's a delay in appearing online.

Should I just admit to him what happened or act like it didn't? One of my female friends said I shouldn't say anything and a guy friend said the same...


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  • I think you should not say anything about it to him. Unless if it is bothering you then you should say something to see what he says. Maybe he doesn't stay on skype long because maybe he is tired or doesn't have the time. It could be maybe he doesn't want to talk to you long. It could be a lot of reasons as to why.

    • S'all good I don't think he got the call, he started talking to me out of the blue online and didn't mention it YAY, thanks for your answer!

    • Yay. :) Nice. I'm glad that you and him are talking again. That is very good to hear. ;) And you are very welcome for the answer.

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