How to fix it after you've acted needy?

I've been seeing this guy for about a 3 weeks, we've been on about 5 dates. I just got out of a relationship about 2 months ago (we dated for 3 years, but he ended up cheating the last 3 months) so I went into this new thing very guarded.

In my last relationship, I became a little needy towards the end because of the way he was acting and I was afraid of losing him. Now I realize I'm better off without him but for some reason I have carried that off into this new thing.

I initiate text messaging everyday (he normally answers, if he doesn't, I don't try again), I've asked him to hang out a couple of times, and when I was having some family issues I had asked him to come pick me up from my house, which he did. But I was so stressed that I drank a little too much and I ended up getting sick. I made a fool out of myself, when I text him the next day (yes you read correctly, I text first once again) he said it was fine and he felt bad.

My problem is, I think I came off needy, asking him to pick me up, always texting him first, asking him to hang out. I lead a pretty busy life and I know he does too and he told me exactly this "I have lots of stuff to do everyday, I'm not always free, it doesn't mean I don't want to hang out with you" and I never meant to imply he should stop his life for me.

I came off as needy, I'm afraid I pushed him away a little, how do I fix this? Just give him space? (which I have been doing).


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  • Yes sweety, you need to give him space :) , the good part is that you lead a busy life so you actually have to do stuff in stead of being with him .. unlike others ( like myself ) who sometimes have to pretend that they are busy :) .. he seems like a good guy and you too , so give him a little space , but in the same time , be nice to him . Good luck