Hanging out with a guy on New Year's Eve... What does it mean?

I met this guy on a dating site. I've been out with him once- we met for coffee. He seems to like me and seems interested and I like him. We have been talking every day for hours pretty much. The day after we met for coffee, he texted me and invited me to a small gathering at one of his friend's houses for New Year's eve.

I'm not really sure what to expect or what he expects. I've never really spent New Years with a guy who wasn't my boyfriend. Do I consider this a date or is it a friends thing? Do you think he's expecting to kiss me at midnight? I'm just not sure what to do or what to expect and I'm kind of nervous. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!


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  • He's from a dating site, and you've been invited out. Its a date. Granted its a friendly date, but still a date. He might try to kiss you at midnight, depends on how the night goes. If you act cold towards him the whole night, I doubt he tries anything.

  • Its a date and he wants to see how you get along with his friends and how you are around them. BE YOURSELF! He wouldn't have invited you if he didn't want to spend New Years with you...


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