Is she damaged or uninterested?

So there's a girl (21yr) that I (22yr) just met a few weeks ago, and the day after we met we hung out all night, had fun, played a trivia game and watched a movie. We were drinking that night and she wanted me to stay at her place cause she doesn't like people driving "drunk" so we were on the couch and she laid her head on my leg and fell asleep, she woke up later saying she had to go to bed but then she gets back on the couch with me and cuddles instead. Nothing happens, she fell asleep minutes after that. So we are constantly texting, she brings up we play the question game and I know what that means. That goes on for a while, and then she talks about how she doesn't get guys to ask her out cause she comes off as more of a friend than anything, so then I finally ask her out on a date and she was happy about it. Day or two later we made our date into a hiking trip (new years eve) and some food surely after. Everything went good for the most part aside from her texting her sister when we were eating, she had fun. When I took her back to the apt, she smiled and asked me to call her, nothing happened since it was only the first date. Shortly after she texted me saying she enjoyed the food, and then we talked for a bit about her getting called for jury duty, and shortly after we stopped cause we had things to do to get ready for the new years eve. Later that night new years past I sent her new years text, never heard back from her, she never responded so I thought she's one of those people that doesn't respond to those txts. The day after I txted her once, didn't hear back but later that night I gave her a "good night" txt cause I was doing it to be nice. I got something back saying "good night I am out with some friends" still confused I called her the next day knowing she was at work asking her if she wanted to go out for a beer and some food. she texted me back saying she couldn't cause it was her friends 21st (understand able) and that the next day she's hanging with her god daughter since her family will be leaving soon. at this point I started to form a resolve that she lost interest out of no where. I asked my friend about her whos her good friend, and from what he told me, she's damaged from her high school bf. I'm under the assumption that she just doesn't have it in her to take a risk and to make herself vulnerable even though she's had short relationships between now and her high school bf. She's says she's been single for 3 years which I take is single from a serious relationship. I never re-confronted my friend to ask him if he spoke to her about me and the what not. we hung out a few nights ago at a bar with some friends in our group, kinda awkward for me possibly for her, cause she didn't look me in the eye like she normally would, and wasnt as talkative. haven't really texted her since the last good night text that was mentioned earlier. I formed a resolve and am just gonna be friends with her for now till I figure out something. thanks.

Is she damaged or uninterested?
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