Should I ask him why he gave me a fake name?

I've been casually seeing a man for about 5 months, he's 34 I'm 31 and we're both single. Initially we met just for a hookup, but we've gotten to know one another better and things are progressing more. We met online, and exchanged names and such. I later found out that he gave me a fake name. Yes I googled a few things, and that is how I found out.

I haven't approached him about this. My question is should I?

If I do, I don't want to mention how I found out, and I'm not sure how to ask.

If I don't mention it, then I'll wonder if he ever intends or intended to tell me his real name. I have all sorts of scenarios running through my mind. Has he wanted to tell me but figures that since so much time has lapsed he'll question whether or not I'll be upset? Does he not intend to tell me?

I can understand if he gave me a fake name thinking that we'd hook up and never see one another again.

So...any input? Should I bring up the subject or let it go and wait...?!?


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  • Married, probably


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  • something is up, I would stop seeing him