Can friends with benefit sleepover?

This is actually my first friends with benefits experience and his too. My friends with benefits sleeps over all the time (when we have sex). We're actually co-workers.

1. He likes to cuddle.

2. He kisses me often when we're just laying in bed (throughout the night) on the forehead, lips, cheeks. yeah, anytime he gets his lips in contact or close to my face.

3. He rubs my back when we cuddle

4. He touches my body even when we're not having sex

5. We texts frequently, he asks what I'm up to and what I'm doing

6. He likes movie nights with me.

7. He always hugs and kisses me goodbye

He's a really nice guy. I've heard that friends with benefits cannot sleep over but can't there be exceptions or different types of Fwbs. Do you know what I mean?

Can friends with benefit sleepover?
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