Girl rejects a kiss, now what?

I feel awkward. We had a great first date and I felt like I should give it a try. We hugged and I tried for the kiss but she said "no not yet". I text her afterward saying I had fun and whatever and that we should go out again if she wants and she responded and said she had a great time also and will see what her schedule looks like next week. I said I'd call her sometime to see and she said that sounds good.

But what am I supposed to think? Isn't no kiss = no interest? And how am I supposed to get my first kiss then? I don't want to try too soon and get rejected again but I don't want to wait forever just for a first kiss to know I am doing things long should I wait to try again?

Have any girls here said no to a kiss the first time but actually gone though and gotten in a relationship with that same guy?
Girl rejects a kiss, now what?
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