Why won't she let me kiss her?


So I have been on around 6 dates with this girl I met 3 weeks ago. At the end of date 3 I kissed her on the cheek but went for the real deal on date 4 and she turned her cheek! I got the same thing on date 5! I am somewhat confused because other girls I have been out with have been practically forcing me to kiss them after 1-2 dates.

I really like her so don't mind going slow (even though I am 28 and she is 27), but am wondering if it means she is just not into me? But then why does she keep texting me all the time and asking me out on further dates? She invited me over to dinner, but now I am paranoid about trying anything because of being given the brush off twice...but then its the mans job to initiate things! I feel like I am getting really mixed signals here.

Any girls care to comment on how I should interpret her behavior?
Why won't she let me kiss her?
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