Why won't she let me kiss her?


So I have been on around 6 dates with this girl I met 3 weeks ago. At the end of date 3 I kissed her on the cheek but went for the real deal on date 4 and she turned her cheek! I got the same thing on date 5! I am somewhat confused because other girls I have been out with have been practically forcing me to kiss them after 1-2 dates.

I really like her so don't mind going slow (even though I am 28 and she is 27), but am wondering if it means she is just not into me? But then why does she keep texting me all the time and asking me out on further dates? She invited me over to dinner, but now I am paranoid about trying anything because of being given the brush off twice...but then its the mans job to initiate things! I feel like I am getting really mixed signals here.

Any girls care to comment on how I should interpret her behavior?


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  • I think you need to just go at her pace. Clearly she likes you since she makes future plans with you and continues to remain in contact, but she is hesitant to take things further for whatever reason. I don't know much about you or her past, but she may have had times in her life that a man has hurt her and she does not want to go through that again.

    Let her know your true feelings. Explain to her how much she means to you and you love hanging out with her and respect that she takes things slow. Allow her to make the moves when she is ready. Be glad that she takes things slowly, girls who kiss early on have probably kissed many men before you, but thankfully, this woman takes kissing and other things more seriously and only gives it to someone she truly cares about.

    Let her take everything at her own pace and be patient. It will be more than worth it, I promise. Until then, continue to take her out and don't discourage your relationship just because you haven't kissed. Perhaps she only kisses those that she has made things official with. Don't take it as anything against you, instead, look past it and get to know her better :]


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  • mayber she's just nervous or doesn't want it turing into ann all physical relationship...i don't rele think you should ask her. it might get awkward and I feel like she wouldn't know what to say. maybe don't try for a real kiss. maybe try hugging her when your about to say goodbye, kiss her cheek and don't let go of her. just look at her and say you had fun today or blah blah blah. something cute and see if she kisses you or something ya know what I mean. it might get uncomforable and weird if you ask but at the same time.. don't keep trying if you keep getting rejected. but I feel like if you don't try on date 6 and then try again on date 7 and your still not kissing her.. ask her if there's a specific reason..

  • Just ask her--if you ever want to know anything about a girl--ask. If you can't ask, the relationship won't work.

  • Don't ask for an interpretation because things like this could mean a lot of different things. Just tell her exactly what you wrote on here. be like "hey, I really like you and I'm willing to go as slow as you need, but why do you keep brushing me off when I try to kiss you?" Plain and simple, and there is your answer. Ask her to her face, I personally hate texting. Don't wait to ask her (I mean do it on your next date), if you have something to say get it out there. the sooner the better.


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  • If I were you I would call her out on it. Ask her what's going on because you're getting a lot of mixed signals.

    You're both almost 30, this isn't high school anymore so she should be a lot more mature than this.