Why won't he let me kiss him?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for six months now and for some reason he usually pulls away from me kissing him. For example we'll be in my room like watching tv and I'll lean over to kiss him and he just pulls away...I try again and he pulls away again and it happens all the time, even if its on his cheek he pulls away. And no its not the "I don't want to kiss you because I don't want it to turn into sex" act, because usually 20 minutes later we do! Then I'll act like I'm p*ssed and he just grabs me and pulls me close to him.

Is that just one of his behaviors or is there something else going on?


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  • Hi, from what you described it appears he doesn't want the fluffy parts of the bunny - if you catch my drift. Call it foreplay if you want. The fact that you mentioned you eventually end up having sex, shows there is a general interest in you, at least. Although I doubt f it's all good, he should try at least to apply a little bit of foreplay, otherwise he should get himself a hooker. Who knows, maybe he's just taking the p*ss, because he gets a reaction out of you (who becomes annoyed) people do that sometimes (Ironic, I know). So try to ignore him, and maybe even stop with the kisses for a while and see what happens. In short, try to isolate the problem, by eradicating possibilities.

  • we don't know what's going through his mind so you should just ASK HIM.

    you guys need to communicate, if youve been together for 6 months and haven't kissed there's something wrong and you should of asked about it a long time ago

    • Well see we have kissed and I have asked him!!

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    • One time he said that I "scared him" like I sneaked up on him. and the other times its " I don't know"

    • Theres something up. you should really look into this

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