Why Won't My Boyfriend Let Me Touch Him?

The odd thing about him...When we first met, I didn't want or expect a relationship and he always cuddled under me, kissed me, and showed PDA. I DIDN'T WANT A RELATIONSHIP. Now if I cuddle him he ALWAYS pushes me off or says he's hot or I make him itch. He's happier sleeping alone and told me this morning I annoy him. He doesn't understand why I'm nice to him and gets frustrated by this. We argued in the past 2 weeks over him being a reckless spender and our own issues but I am trying to see him in another light. He's indecisive sometimes about us and its bothersome. I'm the LAST woman who would find herself in this predicament since I'd normally leave. I'm pretty attractive and have the BEST reputation at his job w/his co-workers even the ones I have yet to meet. They tell him I'm a great woman and he's stupid to push me away. Maybe staying is doing more harm than good? Why won't he let me touch, kiss, cuddle him?


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  • Maybe it's because he is no longer interested in you and he just doesn't want to say it. Maybe he figures if he continues to be an extreme jerk,then you will take it upon yourself and LEAVE. But you haven't,so he continues to be an A**hole. If any guy didn't want me to touch him I would be out the door with the quickness. He will continue to treat you the way he is because you are allowing it...period.

    • Sorry if my response sounds rude,your situation just sounds awful.:( I hope it gets better.:)

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  • sum guys like it when they have to work to get you.


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