Texting intervals, usual or not?

Ok so there's this girl I know whenever we text or email each other it seems when we do this there is the same time interval between each text/email. So for example she texts me at 9:00, I would text her back at 9:10 then she would text back at 9:20 because I took 10 minutes to respond. Then I respond at 9:22 and she texts back at 9:24, 2 minutes. Or she emails me and I don't get back to her for 3 days, she will do the same and won't write back for 3 days. Is that unusual?


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  • Lol, that's actually kind of funny. No, it's not usual. I'm not sure what's going through her mind if she even notices she's doing it. However, it may be a very meticulous way of trying to seem just as interested as you. No more, no less. Some girls are afraid they'll seem too clingy or too eager, so will take their cue from the guy. Or she might just be having fun and waiting to see what you're reaction will be once you catch on to it. Haha, I'd mention it. And see what she says.

    • Well we dated like 2 years ago, not really friends or anything now, just talk once in awhile. We use to do that same time interval texting and I noticed after a week or two. She sent me an email Friday morning so I responded Monday morning. Its her student email which students check like 3 times a day at least so I know she'll see it before Thursday morning, but I bet that's when she'll respond lol.

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