Are you bothered by short girls dating tall guys, preferring them?

Ive noticed this online, guys complaining about short girls (like under 5'4) liking guys who are tall (like 5'11 and up).

I guess my question is how do you feel about this, when a short girl prefers tall guys? If this does annoy or upset you, why ?

And if you're a short girl you can talk about your height preferences or whatever.

I was randomly talking about this with one of my guy friends and he was annoyed by my preference to date tall men. My bfs on average are 6'0, some taller, some just slightly shorter (the shortest guy I've been with is 5'10). I didn't get too into it with him because I didn't really care and I was preoccupied with other thoughts but its interesting to me that he was annoyed by something so simple. he has preferences and I never express any issue with them. its weird but anyway he did comment that he doesn't see the need for someone as short as I am (im 5'3) to be hung up on height. I just replied saying there's little need in most preferences people have, but they still have them.

anyway, yeah. I'm just at 5'3''. I usually can't reach the higher shelves and all that stuff. I'm not into shorter guys usually. I think theyre nice people (sometimes, sometimes not) and I wouldn't say something rude in the process of turning them down, but I just really am attracted to tall men. I always have been. I don't see the problem in dating people to whom you are most attracted, physically as well as personality wise. also, its a numbers game. WAY more tall men hit on me than guys who are shorter by comparison. its kind of odd, but I'm not complaining.

thoughts! and how many shorter guys would date a tall girl ? I think its cute when tall girls are with shorter guys. opposites :)
Are you bothered by short girls dating tall guys, preferring them?
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