How many "hangouts" before it's a date?

I've known this guy for a little less than a month and tomorrow will be our third time hanging out. He's admitted to having a crush on me, but I'm wondering how long it will be 'til he asks me out on a date?

So he said he'd pay for our meal tomorrow when we hang out and if I wanted to, I could pay him back..but I really don't want him to pay. I'd feel guilty. How should I respond?


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  • By saying he has a crush on you he practically says he wants to date you.

    Two options

    He just doest know how it works, if that's the case you could ask him out(no way he says no).

    Or he doesn't want to go on a "official date" because He's scared things might get awkward and he just wants to have a fun time with you.

    So, you're in a pretty good position.

    • Thank you so much for both the advices! It really helped :)

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  • This is like a rule

    If a guy says he will pay, you should object. If he insist, let him pay, he is happy to. If he just says OK and agrees with you, you should split, never pay for the whole thing if he asked to pay for it before.

    So if he insisted you shouldn't feel guilty.


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