It was my first kiss.. should I tell him?

This is my first kiss story;

My first kiss was actually last night! At my best friend's birthday party. I met him for the first time last night.. We were talking together all night. (Both were sober) We went outside for some fresh air. We talked and he asked me if I was cold (It was really cold outside), so I said yes. Then he hugged me for a while. He moved closer and before I knew it we were making out. With tongue..

His father called to drive him home.. but we made out for a few more minutes before he had to go inside to find his friends! I kissed him goodbye on the cheek. The bad thing about it is that I've heard from a friend that he may be a player :( But it's a good thing that the first thing he did when he got home was to add me on Facebook, right?!

Should I tell him that he was the first guy I've ever kissed, or is it going to scare him away?

So... yeah! I told him :) He smiled and told me he was glad and felt lucky. Thank you for all the answers, you guys are great :)


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  • I wouldn't tell him right away, strengthen your relationship first! But congrats on the kiss, I hope it was magical! :)


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  • If you actually get into a relationship at one point you could try telling him, right now it doesn't seem important and is more likely to scare him off!

  • Sounds great but why would you say that? What purpose does it serve?


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  • Well I think you should be honest with him. They say that honesty is the key to a good relationship... Who knows he might even think it's cute and ask for another?

    Congratulations by the way! Was it awkward?

    • Thank you for your answer :) It wasn't awkward to kiss him, but while I was kissing him I were thinking of all the people who might see us.. I don't know if he noticed that I was holding back! I would have liked it more in private because it was a bit uncomfortable.. I was worried about people that might see us..

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    • Thank you :D I will ;) but maybe in the chat-window next time :)

    • Okay good idea :)

  • I personally wouldn't because he'll instantly know that you're a Virgin too!

  • No. It's not necessary he knows every detail to your life