Had a kiss after first date.. no text?

I met this girl through a friend a couple years ago, and we started talking a couple weeks ago. We decided to go on a movie date last night. She picked a scary movie and she wound up siting in my lap with my arms around her the entire time. I had to take her home shortly after the movie, but we exchanged a goodnight hug, and then SHE went in for a kiss on the lips.

I haven't texted her yet, but neither has she... Girls do you think she's interested or no?

Based on what happened last night I thought she was, but she hasn't made any contact with me since, so I'm not so sure if she was just looking to have fun last night.

How long would you wait to text a guy first after a date like that?


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  • If I didn't hear from him, I'd probably wait the "magical" three days that everyone talks about. From the sounds of it, she's more than likely waiting for you to contact her first.

    • So you're saying that as a girl you'd wait three days to text first, or you'd want to see him wait three days before you saw a text from him.

    • I'm saying I would wait three days to text first. I would want him to text me sooner than that!

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  • You are the one who has to text her asap! She's not going to text you, even though she's interested! The guy should ALWAYS be the one to text after a first date!


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  • Just give her a call, don't be nervous. She might be worried that you don't like her and that she was too forward with you last night. Be a good guy and put her fears to rest : )

  • Lets recap:

    She went on a date with you

    She sat in your LAP for the entire movie

    SHe went in for the kiss

    Come man don't act stupid its pretty obvious. Anyway she intiated now the balls in your court. So don't text her actually call her. Texting is to impersonal calling shows that you are making a effort and have some guts, people usally text in these situations becauses there lazy or scared of saying something stupid.

    So call and good thing are likly to happen to you my friend.

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