First Date: "I'll talk to you soon" and a Freudian slip.

Okay, I know girls over-think things. I admit that I do as well. But I actually wanted a guys opinion on this.

This guy messaged me from a free dating site. He asked me out for drinks after a few days of emailing back and forth. Ended up--he picked me up from my house, we went for a make-up "Cinco-de-mayo" because I didn't go out for it. He said that we had to make up for it.

He knows my favorite color is turquoise--he wore a turquoise t-shirt.

A little bit of the first date awkwardness, but after dinner and drinks (he paid) we were just going to hang out and talk. He sat next to me on the couch side of the table so it was 'easier to hear'.

We joked about each-others nerdy-ness. And the obligatory work/a bit about family but nothing to in depth with family. (I'd rather not, especially, due to a serious illness in my family that I'm dealing with) I felt like it went well, though my stomach was sort of in knots.

Before we met we spoke about movies and he said that we should watch a horror movie--since I really haven't seen any and he's really into them. So, I agreed and he said okay- it's going to be a double feature--don't get too scared.

Date lasted about 2 hours. They had closed the kitchen, and basically there was no one left.

He drove me home. And then I always feel like the end of a first date when you just met them is awkward. Put his car into park, I unbuckled and there was that awkward moment of silence. I said thank you, I had a good time. He says me too and he gives me a kiss on the cheek. Then out of no where this awkward hand-shake.

(Side note: I'm not a big holiday in the city bar kinda girl. It's messy and there are too many obnoxious drunk people. he went out for cinco de mayo and told me there was a girl so drunk that she was rolling on the pavement outside the bar)

So after the awkward handshake. I jokingly said, oh--no hug. And he said "No, hugs are for second dates. First dates are for rolling around in bed." He was making reference to the girl rolling on the floor, but said bed instead. He realized what he just said and then said "If there ever was a freudian slip..."

I laughed and went to get out of the car. He said, no no come back you get a hug. Wasn't a short get-off-of-me hug. I then got out of the car and he said really nicely "I'll talk to you soon." Asked him to text me when he got home. (I do this to everyone--just want to make sure they got home safely)

Didn't expect a text back, but he did text me. "Hey, sweetie I got home safe ;)"

Annddd that was my date. I feel like there were good signs and bad signs. Overall, I just want to know what guys think about it. Any good? I hope to see him again--but I'm not the girl that's going to text him or call first. We went out Tuesday night. Haven't heard from him since.


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  • I see potential here. Not that you should completely throw yourself at him just yet; but don't let this one slide right away either.

    • thankfully I'm not the throw-yourself-at-him kinda girl. I basically step back. Just hope there's potential and I wasn't blown off

  • Just have a little more patience, I think it's very likely he'll call for a second date.

  • It's only Thursday.

    He liked you.


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