He pulled away after great first date?

Hi there,

I've been in touch with a guy who seemed to be pretty cool and nice. We've been texting once or twice a week trying to set up a date. We both didn't have a lot of time, though. We met after 4-5 weeks contact. The date was really great and he insisted on paying everything (I offered to pay too ofc, but he wouldn't let me). He was very attached we kissed after talking for hours. He was very honest and told me about his "bad" past. After we kissed, he still remained a gentleman and didn't push for more, which was absolutely fine with me. On our way home, he waited until my bus arrived and we said goodbye.

Well, ofc there was no happy ending. The guy started to pull away from me, didn't really bother to reply to my text (I texted one week later and asked him if he wanted to do something). He bluntly said "no" and I wished him a nice weekend. One week later I asked him if he wanted to meet me in future. I told him that I would appreciate a honest answer. He replied immediately and told me that he wanted to meet me, but that he was busy with work and that he had arrangements for all weekends until mid August (wtf? Is he the president?). In august, he told me, he would be free *lol*. I just told him that I won't be here in August and if he wanted to meet me he would make it happen - no answer ofc. *lol*

I don't want him back, I just want to know what was going on in his head, because I'm a very analytical person and try to understand EVERYTHING.

thank you!
He pulled away after great first date?
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