Texting after first date?

You'd think by the time I hit my 30s I would have figured out dating but sadly that is not the case. Last Saturday I had a first date with someone I met online. It went really well, we ended up hanging out at the bar/restaurant until they closed around 10 (roughly 6 hrs). Then we hung out at his house for a little while so I could meet his dog and sober up a little bit. The entire time his body language was showing signs of interest, he kept touching me, rested his feet on my bar stool so that our legs were touching, long stretches of eye contact. We had tons in common and I haven't laughed that much on a first date in a long time. Before we left the bar we had a nice first kiss and continued it at his house (but kept it PG).

Once I got home I sent him a text to let him know I was ok (per his request) and told him I had a great time. He responded with that he had a great time too and that we should hang out again. So I ended the text by telling him to let me know if he wanted to hit up the beach tomorrow. (A friend of mine had been texting me during the date... while he was in the bathroom... about going to the beach on Sunday and told me to invite him... which I told him about when he returned from the bathroom).

The next day he said he needed to get some stuff done around the house so he was going to pass on the beach. No biggie.

Now it's been two days and neither of us has texted. I was hesitant to text first again because I didn't want to come off as too eager.

So do I just suck up my pride and text and risk rejection? Or did I totally misread the situation? Since we're both online dating I know people tend to date multiple people "at the same" until they decide that someone is worth pursuing so that could be playing a factor. Is he just trying to play it cool too?

In the mean time, other guys are sending me messages and I hesitate to respond as my head/heart are hung up on this really great date.
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For those that are interested. I did text him the next day and he responded at midnight apologizing that it was a crazy week. He has texted a few times since then but it's always several hours after I send a text.

I have severely lowered my expectations of a second date with this guy.
Texting after first date?
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