Why would she play hard to get after first date sex?

Met a girl on Monday. Got her number. Texted her that night. Set a date for Saturday. Had some drinks. Searched for hotels but they wouldn’t let us in because it was 2:00 AM. So did it in my car. And then drove her to her car. Kissed a little and she said we will see each other again. Then parted.

I wasn’t gonna texted her but friends told me she’ll feel used if I didn’t. So texted her 5 days later on Thursday night. I was very busy too. Just texted her name. She send me a reply the day after around 2:00 pm.

She still texts the same as we were texting before the sex but it take ages for a reply. Sometimes 9 hours. I don’t ask about her day or anything just handling logistics and giving her specific date and time when I’m free.

I never double text or call her out on it but I also reply hours later. Not as long as she does but for my doing long. I answered twice now after she replied hours later or a the day after.

Friday night 12:00 am we did had a quick back and forth texting like 3 texts her and me. She did reply within minutes. Then I replied after ten minutes, she went silent. Texted me the day after again.

First two answers I gave after a long wait, was out of courtesy but if I reply again after a long wait she lose every interest in me or think I’m easy.

Isn’t a little too late for her to play hard to get after first date sex? Or is she not interested? Or is she testing me if I’m needy, creepy, desperate or whatever. She’s 21 and I’m older.
Why would she play hard to get after first date sex?
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