I had my first kiss when I was drunk. Can’t stop feeling bad about it. Shall I tell him?

Hey everyone,
while some of you might think that’s no big deal at all, for me it’s something that just doesn’t want to leave my thoughts.
I met my boyfriend last year and there were a couple of times where I thought we would kiss, but we didn’t. Then one day we went to a party and the whole night I was thinking, I really do want to kiss him today. Because I couldn’t wait any longer. He is my first boyfriend and I had never kissed a guy before him. At the party we had a couple drinks though. I wouldn’t say I was completely drunk, but I wasn’t completely sober either but had enough confidence to kiss him later when we were having some alone time on a chair in the backyard... He was a bit drunk too. Now thinking back to it, I did feel more confident initiating the kiss in that state than I have ever felt. And it was exciting and lovely and all that. But I keep thinking of how first kisses in movies go. How there’s long prolonged eye contact, excitement, sparks and a lot of tension. You literally can’t wait and don’t know what’s going to happen. I remember I felt similar when we almost kissed that one time before we even started dating. And it felt magical and gave me all those butterflies in my stomach just by looking at him. Whereas when I did kiss him at the party for the first time being tipsy/drunk, I didn’t feel butterflies. I felt them ever after though. I think because I was drunk. That makes me so sad, looking back at it. Because I am a type of person that takes first times very seriously and I think they are very special. Should I tell my boyfriend about it?
I had my first kiss when I was drunk. Can’t stop feeling bad about it. Shall I tell him?
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