A question to female dumpers who rebound.

So you just ended a long term relationship with a guy you do love. Before hand you lined a date up with that guy from the office that previously you had zero interest in. But he shows you interest, and finally in his luck he does so on the right day. So you end it with your boyfriend and go out with this guy which you are not attracted to, and any mutual interests are minor. Infact he is not high in character in general. Within two weeks you consider it a full on relationship and throw yourself into it completely. You think your involve blah blah blah. This just after many years with a guy you really loved. The question is, once you realized what an unattractive loser you were sleeping with and you knew your ex knew who he was. Would embarrassment and pride keep you from considering reconciliation with your ex, even when you know the grass isn't greener. And how long would you stay with the other guy due to the same reason. I've read some girls will stay with the rebound guy even like 6 or 10 months just so they aren't alone.

Additional info. No healthy relationship starts days after a longterm inwhich there was true love. Regardless if she wanted to end it or not, or if it a rebound or not. When a girl enters into a follow up relationship soon after a longterm. My question is if she knows she left a better man, and knows her ex knows the guy she is with, will embarrassment keep her from trying to reconcile with her ex.


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  • Unfortunatly guys do it too, actually they have done it to me by using me for rebound sex and well... online there are a lot of depserate guys online that have a bunch of girls they talk to on whatever site they go on then whatever one they feel likes them the most they would totally try and say they really like me and want to go out with me while they just told me they just got out of a relationship... I know what your thinking, what is wrong with them? I mean clearly they are not thinking clear at all so why do it? it's not going to clean up the mess that the last person left.

    Honestly my advice is if girls tell you they just got out of a relationship don't even go there at all because you know they are just not thinking right and they will end up leaving you sooner or later plus it wouldn't even be real. Non of us can fix other peoples messes even if they may think so, they need time with themselves to get over their ex.

  • Um, actually from the way you wrote this, I can tell you hate this whatever guy your ex is dating. But I don't thing he's a rebound guy. if she dumped you, she wanted to leave you. It might not be nice to hear, but that's how it could actually be.


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