Why doesn't anyone want to date me?

I'm a pretty good looking girl [I have guys trying to get my number and checking me out on a daily basis and I've had random guys walk up to me and say "you're really hot"] but whenever I do give guys my number and they call or text me they don't even try and get to know me, they just make sexual "jokes" and sexual references. people that do know me tell me I'm interesting and have a good personality and I don't dress provocatively so what am I doing wrong?


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  • You aren't doing anything wrong, and you aren't even close to being the only girl with this problem.

    You're college-age right now, and I'm assuming you're trying to date guys your age. That means the guys in question are smack dab in the middle of their sexual peak years (16-25), so they are sex-crazed to begin with. This is also the age when most people get the biggest taste of freedom they've ever had (and for most, the most they'll EVER have). Then consider that most guys that age aren't very mature, and are purposely resisting "growing up" and being responsible, because they know that once school is over, and they start working, the entire rest of their lives will be full of responsibility. That makes them want to drink, party, and screw as many girls as they can while they have the chance, because the party and freedom will be over soon

    So, almost all girls have the same experience you're having: guys who just want quick and easy sex, and don't want the hassles or responsibilities of a relationship. And in college, there are plenty of single girls who are willing to have easy sex just to get a bit of attention from a guy, so guys quickly get used to expecting fast sex and no responsibilities. This isn't anything that you're going to be able to change.

    So, what are your options?

    1. "Date" these guys (these are mostly the popular/good-looking/confident guys, who know they can get easy sex), and give them sex. Obviously, I don't recommend this.

    2. Look for the shy or geeky guys who aren't so confident with women, and usually too intimidated to approach you. If you pay attention, you'll start to notice them looking at you as you walk by, or trying to start conversations with you about random things just to get you talking. These guys are mostly good guys who are much more interested in relationships and treating the girl good. But you'll need some patience with many of them, as they aren't used to getting girls or interacting with them very much, despite wanting to.

    3. Date older guys, 25 and up for the most part, who are already in their careers and much more serious about life. They are more "settled down" and mature on average.

    4. Stay single. Again, not what I'd recommend.

    Hope that helps give you some perspective.


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  • I wonder the same. I have the exact same problem for the most part.

    Maybe you don't give enough effort or hints.

    • i mean I don't have trouble with guys coming up to me, just the fact that none of them want to date me and they all just try and get me to sleep with them

    • Then approach a guy you like and know won't do that. Odds are he'll say yes

  • I was just about to say ,aybe the way your dress. But I see you beat me to it lol. Hmmm

    Maybe the way you talk when you talk to guys?

  • post a link of what you look like.

    • i'd rather not lol

    • aw common. you just made me more curious. if you don't want the world to see then message me?

      P.S. I'm not a creeper.

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  • Most guys are like this, it's not you. Most guys do not want to date, they're interested in going after the fast girls who'll give them fast ass. Most girls tend to go along with it and give it up as soon as they meet the guy. It's just weird to you because you're not like that, and you don't have to be. I would practice date the sex crazed guys for fun until you meet a guy who wants more than sex. BTW having a wide social circle and meeting different types of people makes it easier to find the boyfriend material type. Or you can date slightly older like Mroracle said

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