Why Nobody wants to Date Me?

Why Nobody wants to Date Me?

When I was a student , I am typically the nerdy one and quite shy person. But I have a lot friends mixed with a guy and girl because I was one those outstanding student. I never get a chance to get asked for a date when in school.

Now that I am working , I met guys I like but they just talk casually to me and also I don’t get a date from them.

Then I started Facebook , online dating and online traveling there I met four foreign guys and two local guys. One foreign guy happen to be my first kissed only. And one local guy happen to be my unexpectedly fling guy. I was blinded with a dry spell sex and lost my virginity to this manipulative guy for a month. But I realized I don’t know this much of this person and I decided to cut between us when he don’t want to commit a relationship with me and keep me on waiting.

I decided to stop any online dating platform sites as I realized all I met were just for temporary and not serious. However, I am getting worried because in real life no one really has asked me for a date , given me flowers or asked me to be in a relationship. I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong in me. :’(
Why Nobody wants to Date Me?
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