I gave this guy my number yesterday...how long will he most likely wait before texting me?

i went to dinner before my dance practice with a bunch of friends yesterday and I gave the waiter my number. he was flattered and laughed at it cutely and said thanks...so it seemed like he was interested. how long is the norm time before a guy texts back? I don't want to waste time waiting on him for too long... :/


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  • you didn't say for him to call you, so its not urgent for him... I'm not saying you should have said that, I'm just saying if you had heda called/texted you a bit sooner

    the girl I like/trying to become friends with told me to call, so I did the next day (today)

    he'll probably give the 3 day rule or so, if not, then he's not interested


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  • Give him two days, maximum. If he's interested, then it shouldn't take him longer than two days to follow up and contact you. If he decides to play by some arbitrary rules that are somehow meant to make him not seem desperate, then he's probably not worth your time anyway. So if the text comes on the third day, I'd recommend telling him no thanks because you figured he wasn't interested.

    • Wow. thanks. that's a really good point..hmmm..haha

  • the usual time for guys (sorry guys I'm giving away one of the rules ... :-( ...) is that we should usually wait 2 or 3 days so we don't seem desperate, like we have busy lives too. because we don't want to creep you out by calling the same day.


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