Does meeting the parents come before or after saying "I love you"?

I know there aren't any hard and fast rules to relationships, but I wanted to get a feel of what other people think and what other people's experiences have been.

Is it a better idea to meet the parents before or after saying "I love you"?


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  • I fail to see how either is connected. What ever feels more natural.

    • Thanks! I know they're not directly related, but I wanted to get a sense of a "general" timeline - which I know doesn't apply to everyone!

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  • After is what tradition says.

    Before is what "casual" common thought says.

    Your pick.

    • Why would casual common thought feel a different way from the traditional thought? I really have no idea so I'm just wondering!

    • Some people feel that it makes a difference.

      It's just how some people were raised.

  • I'd say you should meet the parents before saying the words. Your feelings towards your partner are not dependent on who his parents are. But it is nice to be informed before taking a big decision.

    • Thank you for your answer! That makes sense.

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  • Not really sure, my parents met my boyfriend before the I love you'

    • How long did you guys date before he met your parents? And how long till saying "I love you"?

  • It doesn't matter, there are plenty of situations to meet their parents.

    Meeting them after doesn't always mean your partner is even more serious or committed.

    • Thank you for your answer!

    • Yw.

      If someone does hold back, I think in that case it just means the whole meeting parent thing IS important to them so they wouldn't do it till after the "I love you" I guess. They're usually the people who avoid the meet up altogether though so it should be evident enough? Like they'd be the people that never let "meet the parents" slip out haha.. or they'd tell you who has or hasn't met their parents? I guess they'd drop hints all over the place really.

    • Oh and yeah, I'd say it's good to meet the parents whenever you're serious about the guy (doesn't have to be after those 3 words though) because then you'd have a better idea of how to get along with his family too, for the future. :P