What does it mean when a married guy asks if you will be going out with your boyfriend?

At work I talk to this married guy. We have a civilized discussion so there's no flirting going on and sometimes we joke and have a laugh.

The other day when conversing with him I told him I would be going out of town and he asked me who I would be going with? I told him a friend and then asked me if I would be going with a boyfriend?

I don't have a boyfriend btw..Anyway afterward I thought to myself why does he want to know whether I would be going with a boyfriend or not?

What I want to know is if this guy was just being curious to whether I have a boyfriend or is he interested in some way?. He is married so that's why I thought it was a bit odd for him wanting to know if I have a boyfriend or not. He didn't ask me in an outright way either he just had the opportunity to ask by the way the conversation was going.

I must add in the past when I was leaving my shift at work he did ask if I would want to have lunch with him at work even though he knew it was time for me to go home! I didn't have lunch with him cause I thought it was a strange thing for him to ask! Do you think he was testing me in anyway there?

What do you think? Is it normal for married guys to be acting like this?


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  • It's probably normal for a married guy to act like this, but it's obvious what he is doing:

    He is "spare-tiring" you:

    Possible Motives:

    a. Wants to cheat (discreetly)

    b. Wants to leave his current wife (not discreetly)

    c. Is getting a confidence boost (from hitting on a single chick at work)

    d. Is trying to establish a friend because of tumultuous relations with his current wife.

    This could be under the guise of "harmless flirting" (probably the most ironic name ever considering how much pain it can cause), and could legitimately never go anywhere.

    You are doing an excellent job of keeping yourself in high moral standing. Keep it that way.

    • I've hinted to him loads of times that I think that all the guys at work are perverts and the married ones who hit on women have no morals. Surely he can't be that thick!

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    • not necessarily cheating, he might just like to flirt, and have the possibility of cheating. some guys are looking for the hunt, not the hunted.

    • yeh but he's never flirted with me. I think he was testing me subtlely to see if I would be up for anything. I remember in a earlier conversation I veered it towards family life and asked how his wife and kid was and he seemed agitated when I mentioned this! I got the impression back then that he was trying to make out his was a single guy but when I made it clear I knew about him having a wife he seemed irritated! I dis this on purpose cus I hate guys who pretend they are single when their not!

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  • I Wouldn't know, but I doubt it. I'd suggest just being aware of the situation and make sure you don't appear to be interested.

  • Maybe he wants to cheat or maybe he's just a nosy son of a bitch.

    • lol yeh I get the feeling guys who want to know if you have boyfriend will think that if you have then you're sexually active. So therefore they can suss out if they can talk about sexual things with you in anyway!

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