Giving a girl your card. is it tacky?

Say your next to a cute guy in line a grocery store, and he says hey how's it going and you chat for a minute before you get to the cashier. If he offers you his card and asks you out for a coffee or lunch, would you call or text him? Would his job title on his card affect your decision? Would a high level of confidence from him make you more likely to contact him?

Assuming you thought he was cute and friendly.

And if you did call him, would he be expected to pay for it?

Would you take his card and call him? Or would you also give him your number and just hopes that he calls you?
This isn't a pick-up tactic, just a method of exchanging contact information.


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  • I would hope he'd ask me out. What, he likes me, but not enough to put in the effort?

    • If he asks for my number, he gets it. But I'm not calling him.

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    • people would have your mindset except girls never ask out guys so realistically they never have to put in the effort and call the guy so I see what this guy is arguing about. He has a good point but at the end of the day it's an argument that isn't gonna go anywhere because girls won't change.

    • I can see what he's arguing about too. But you're right, it's not going to change. I feel if you're interested, you'll call. If you're not, I'll meet someone who is.

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  • Lol at your profile pic!

    To answer your question, it would depend on what the card says for me. If it's a pretentious play to show your title or how much of an "important" person you are, it would probably be a turn off for me.

    It would be awesome if it said something funny or clever though, like, Boyfriend Material with a number and scan code to your Facebook or something. Or president of Great Guy Enterprises. I imagine it would be an awesome pick up tactic and great conversation starter.

    • So I should have two cards? One for giving out to girls and one for business? My titles on my business card are:

      Registered Massage Therapist

      Fitness Trainer

      Is that pretentious?

    • I don't think that's pretentious. Stupid titles or CEO of bla bla sometimes comes of corny, but I think its all about the delivery. Sounds fine.

  • it just comes off as weird and unnatural for me. I would prefer he just ask me straight up, ask for my number and give me a call.

    • That's funny, because I feel like asking for someone number is being intrsmiling. Like anon says below, shed be fake smiling and waiting for me to walk away. I feel like asking a girl on a date and offering a card is being straight forward, but gives the chance to decline without worrying about hurt feelings. If she gives me her contact info, then that's great. I don't think I'd feel comfortable asking for it, knowing how shy a lot of girls can be.

    • Intrusive**

    • having your number on a piece of paper and you doing the same thing would be better than handing her a business card or some neatly prepared "personal card' but maybe that's just me

  • I would be highly amused and take the card, but only so I had proof when I tell the story to my friends. If you're handing me a card with your info for a date or hook up, how many other chicks are getting that card besides me? I don't want to know the answer to that question, so I'm not going to call or accept an invite.

    • So you would assume that the guy just runs around, passing his card out to every girl he sees?

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    • Ah I see, I didn't mean it as a pick-up tactic, just as a way of exchanging info, as opposed to typing it into your phone or writing it down on a piece of paper.

    • :) That makes sense then.

  • A card?EW no, turn off, am I looking for a work or something? Are you calling gold-diggers out? lol

    Ask for her number or something but a card is just lame to me.

  • Wao. I don't know. If he says he invites me out for dinner, then it's on him. If I like him enough, I'll let him pay as unsponkely agreed. (Who's inviting who?) If I don't like the guy so much, I will do anything to pay my part. It is a way of telling him "buddy, I owe you nothing".

    However... I wouldn't contact someone who gave me their card in less than 5 minutes of talking for the first time, UNLESS I feel there is some connection or amazing chemistry. Odds are I will wear a fake smile and wait for him to leave so that I can dispose of the card. It's just not my way fo getting to know people, personally. I'll be thinking "he's cute and friendly... but how many times has this guy done the same thing?"

    If there is some job title.. whether I'm interested or not, it would be a factor to make a final decision, yes.

    • and your answer is the reason I have no motivation to randomly ever ask out girls and remain single lol.

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