I vandalized my boyfriend's motorcycle. I love him and still wanna be with him.

My boyfriend (well ex now) and been dating for 3 years. We've had our ups and downs, just like all relationships. But he's cheated on me a few times and I've always taken him back because I loved him and I knew we could get through it. He's my best friend. We have also broken up 2 times. It wasn't really like we were broken up the first time though, because he would always want me around, making me dinner, taking me to movies, spending a lot of time together still. But he would then go out at night and meet other girls and mess around with them. So he was having his cake and eating it too...So I finally told him to eff off because I'm not going to just be a rebound and he came running back because I was ignoring him.

But anyways...I just recently found out he cheated on me with his neighbor, which he told me he'd never do anything with. It was 7 months ago when it happened but I just found out... I was still upset and hurt, obviously. He said he's been "good" since we got back together the last time we broke up. The last time we broke up I started dating some other guy and he finally realized what he had and changed his ways. But now that this has popped up I don't know if I believe him that he's been "good" I want to but its hard.

So he bought a motorcycle and we went out to a grad party/garage band party the day after. There were a group of girls there and kept trying to get his attention and finally came up to him and asked if he was married and he was talking to them for a good 2 min before I walked up to them and as soon as I got there he was like "yeah I have a girlfriend" and we were drinking and he was just being an ass to me. So I keyed his bike..It wasn't just one scratch, it was multiple scratches. But I came clean about it and told him I did it. At first he said we'd get through it but now his parents are mad at me and his sister is too. I'm not allowed over at his house so now he broke up with me because his close to his family and doesn't want to choose between them and his girlfriend. He still tells me he loves me and wants to be with me but won't because of his mom. I've tried talking to his mom but she won't respond. I told him id go to a therapist and I want him to attend too. Also while I was at my first appointment, they diagnosed me with being bipolar. I am now on medication and hoping it works. My therapist said if he loves me and wants to be with me he will. I just don't know what to do. I take full responsibility about the bike, it was the wrong thing to do, I wish I never would have done it. it was a really big mistake. He's cheated on me many times and I've taken him back because I loved him. I've never cheated on him or done him wrong in any way until this. I've apologized many many times. Just please help, what should I do?
I vandalized my boyfriend's motorcycle. I love him and still wanna be with him.
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