He said..."I remind him of his cool cousin"

So yeah. This guy said this to me. I know he's attracted to me because he's said numerous times I was. We developed a great relationship. I confessed my feelings to him. And that's what I got and that "it" wasn't there for him. As great as our friendship was I was shocked. We were in contact 24/7. Anyways he stopped all contact with me and ended the friendship. So I "didn't get hurt". So now what? Any chance he would ever see me like he used to? Aka wanting a relationship


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  • No most likely not.


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  • Sounds like he never did want to see you as more than a friend. He enjoys your company but if you're going to get attached as more, he will end the friendship, which really is the smart thing to do. You remind me of my cool cousin is equivalent to a girl saying, you're like a big brother to me. Love ya, but dating isn't happening.