It takes two to row the boat?

I see so many questions on here where people ask "should I text him?" or "should I wait for her to contact me?"

Many answers are usually along the lines of "text him if you feel like it, don't play games"

I don't agree with playing games, but I believe that if it's going to be a successful relationship, both parties should be putting in effort -not one person giving and giving without receiving. If a guy I meet does not put in the effort, I am no longer interested - because cmon people, it takes two to row a boat, let alone a ship lmao!

What do yall think?


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  • I believe playing games is a children's type of activity. But if your doing it as an ends instead of a means then it is justifiable. Example would be that a girlfriend is making a guy jealous by hanging with her ex. In return, the boyfriend would hang with a bunch of girls at the club knowing well her friends go there so she tells. Strategy achieved.


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  • That's why I tell people to wait and see if the other person ever replies...if they aren't going to put in the effort to answer you, you are, as you say, probably wasting your time.

    • agreed!

      i don't believe in the "if you want to text him then text him" bs

  • Very much agreed.

  • "it takes two to row a boat, let alone a ship lmao!"

    Are you suggesting polygamy?

    • LOL no!

      i was referring to a relation..SHIP!


    • I understand everything now.

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  • I totally agree. The more equal the give & take is between the individuals the better. When one person is doing most of the giving and is receiving very little in return, then that is a bad thing.