How to convince a girl to get into a relationship?

so I have been friends with a girl for 2 years and we chat, talk, meet a lot and also hang out occasionally...about a year ago I told her that I like her and I would like to go ahead of friendship with her...but then she told me that she 'doesn't feel like getting into a relationship for at least another year or so'

...after this I thought I should give her some time to think about I reduce talking and eventually I cut down all d talking and meeting

after a year we are again on the same track...n now again I have got feelings for I don't really wanna mess it up like last How to convince this girl to get into a relationship with me? & what IFF this time I ask her and again she repeats her words "don't feel like getting into it" ?


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  • Walk away. "I don't feel like getting into a relationship" means "I don't want to date you." Sorry, just how it is.

    • but dude she will still meet me and hang out with me whenever I ask her...or even she asks me sometyms...replies to my text almost immediately and plus never lies to me...itz surely not d case of "I don't want to date you"...i would hv walked away otherwise

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    • Hmm, well, there's always exceptions. I'd suggest to the asker, that while you act however would to best achieve your goal, that you mentally don't build your hopes up.

    • okk...thanx a lot for help...

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  • She doesn't want to date you. Period. She was just being nice. If she really wanted to be with you then she would be. I'd just stay friends with her. You can't convince her to do anything. If that's to hard for you to handle then I'd just cut ties and move on. But it really sounds to me like she's just not that into you.

  • she doesn't want date two options walk away or wait a year I'd move on


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  • Spend less time thinking about her and more time lifting weights.

    It might help with her. It'll help with someone.

    I'm not joking.

    She doesn't want more then friendship because you don't turn her on.

    • yes I have been spending time lifting weights trying my best to improve my physique...its just that I am unable to cut down the time I spend thinking about her...somehow...

    • date other girls.