Should I invite him to the beach with me? Just for the day?

So my family has a beach house an hour away. People in my area always go to the shore during the summer. I am going for the week starting tomorrow with my family. Would it be weird if I invited my crush to come down for the day and hang out with me? (not with my family obviously lol)

When I told him about my beach house he thought it was really cool and said if it were his house he'd be there all the time. I said "well ya know- then I wouldn't be able to work" and he said something like "I'd pick you up right after work and go down for the day" but I didn't know if he was speaking generally or if he meant HE wanted to go down the shore with ME for the day lol.

Whenever I take a few days off and go down he always texts me and tells me to enjoy my trip and we often text for a bit.

So is it weird for me to ask him? I probably won't be down the shore much more after this because school is starting and I am working. Should I throw it out there?

He's always joking with me about stuff but sometimes he'll text me weird/random things that I know he made up. (idk why- to get a reaction out of me or simply just to text me and start a convo) Like the other day he texted me: "I was talking to John earlier on FB and he tells me that you two are a thing, is that true ms. anderson?"

I didn't respond because I didn't hear the message and he texted back 20 min later saying "omg it must be true, congrats"

Now obviously he was kidding- because
this guy john is a creep/freak and my crush knows I'm honestly kind of scared of him lol. Plus JOhn doesn't talk to anyone outside of work. So why did he do it? just to see what I'd say? Going along with it, I said "are you jealous of my "thing" with him?" and he said "not really, just scared for you lol."


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  • Nah, I think it's actually something quite nice.

    • you don't think he'd be intimidated since my fam will be there (even though we wouldn't hang with my fam..?)

    • he might, but he should be able to handle it.

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  • Yes you should invite him to the beach with you. Just for a day. It's going to be harmless. What better way to spend a day at the beach than with your crush? I bet it would make your day even better! It isn't weird for you to ask him that since he always texts you and texts you during your trip anyways :) Yes you should throw it out there! Go for it! Be spontaneous! If you don't then you might look back on the what ifs when you could've invited him. He'll probably be delighted that you asked him.

    • Thanks, I think I will give it a shot! He works a lot so he might not be able to go... but at the very least, it will show him that I like him and want to spend time with him. Then it would be his turn to ask me to hang out with him! haha

    • Haha exactly! And yeah he might not be able to go... but just you asking him to spend a day with you at the beach shows that you were thinking about him and that would make him feel good about himself. He'll return the favor no doubt!

    • So yesterday we.were.talking about the connections we both have, inside joke really. I was like well maybe I will let you on on my connections. So I was like you can come to my beach house a baseball game with me. And he said, I might take you up one one of those offers. Then I said, OK I'm going to the beach soon you should come and visit me. And he said, maybe I will. This was all over text. What should I think? And what should I say to him when I see him in person today?

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  • You should invite him down for the day! He already knows your family is going to be there I'm sure so it's not like you'd be inviting him and putting him on the spot when he gets there. Like you said, you won't be around your family and you 2 could have a lot of fun being there. I say it's worth a shot :)

    • yeah, I think it would be a lot of fun- boardwalk, beach, mini golf, etc. But it is an hours I don't know if he'd want to go. I think I will casually mention it though!

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    • Yeah I don't know what he meant, I was kind of confused but hopefully he meant he wanted to go for the day with me.

    • sooo I think this other girl likes him too... I better ask him quick! haha

  • You should deffinetly do it he obviously is giving you a Sign that he wants to but don't be pushy at all just say hey I would love for you to come to the beach with me and my fam for the day but we wouldn't be with them just with me and let him answer don't push it on an if he says be nice a caring show him that you have interest but don't e desperate cause you never know if he likes you so kee it on the down low and be yourself and have fun show him you really are but not to the extent where he wants to run

    • Dont be pushy ** and if he says yes be nice and caring **

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    • Say how about that offer about the beach house and then be like its gonna be a lot of fun I would love for you to come and then let him answer and it's good that you guys are close it gives him reasons to like you and wnt to go with you

    • didn't get a chance to ask him. There was always someone else around him. But at the end of work today four of us (including he and I) were joking around and this girl was saying she was going to tell people we were dating. It was kind of hilarious actually. She was joking and being funny but threatening to tell people these crazy stories about us2. So after work he called me to make sure I was OK and not mad at him. That was a nice surprise, I thought that was really nice of him lol