How to become a good texter?

How do you make people want to text you? How can you keep an interesting conversation going?


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  • Number one rule to get people to text you to text more than 3 word texts. Saying "lol", "i don't know", "how are you", etc...


    ... BORING!

    Being brief like that makes me not want to text that person unless it's for business-type affairs only.


    Also...answer texts as promptly as you can. People get busy...but getting a response three days later isn't a good look for trying to get people to text you.


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  • When you say something, say something interesting or fun, or a good question. If you can't, then do not say anything. meaningless chatter with TLA's and "How R U"'s is simply boring. The point of a good text message is that it contains meanings, preferably on two levels. What you say and what you mean, or what you read and what you understand.

  • Texting is so much easier then talking so you're in luck!

    With texting you have time to stop and think how to respond, a good rule of thumb about people in general is:

    People love to talk about themselves. Start with very general board questions and then find something that you know more about so you can get into a more intimate conversation.

    Hope this helps!

  • Include lots of smilies, reply faster, change topic when necessary


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