What is the difference between a jerk and emotionally abusive?

i know emotionally abusive guys are jerks but not all jerks are actually emotionally abusive.

where do you draw the line? what's the difference?

i had a guy. he was very manipulative. even about small things he would be the type to nag or make me feel obligated to do things on his terms..even if he wanted a picture of me or something. sometimes he would say "if you don't do it I won't buy you a drink ever again" or something like that.

i've caught him in lies and he was very secretive about certain things. and he always seemed to have an "excuse" or the right thing to say.

after a while he also put me down. I am younger and he told me that even if I am successful at my career he will "always be better than I am" because I'm younger.

he would jokingly call me a whore and say "i'm just kidding"

one time I said something small, it really wasn't immature, and he made a remark about how I sound childish and immature.

he would boast about himself.

sometimes we would not talk for a day and I would get a text the next day asking why I didn't contact him

or if I didn't hear from him and I contacted him he would say "so finally you decide to contact me" with an attitude

what's the deal?
What is the difference between a jerk and emotionally abusive?
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