Do emotionally abusive people change?

I had a relationship with a girl for 5 years. We didn't have major issues in the first 3 years except for normal couples fighting. She has history of emotional abuse. She used to be abused emotionally by her mother and she abused her ex boyfriend emotionally.

The first 3 years passed with no major issues and covid hit. She got stuck in a different country and we were in a long distance relationship. We haven't seen each other for 2 years. I graduated from uni and since covid hit I could not find a job. Then the drama started

She started talking about money a lot more. I got a job after months of being jobless but my pay was mediocre. She started pushing me to do a side business to earn more money and learn how to invest in the stock market. Back then I just started my first job ever. It was a rough start as I didn't get along with some people and had major issues at work so I was not in a mental state to learn about investing and stock market. I was depressed of work and long distance relationship. She got me a side Job where I have work for hours and get a mediocre pay during weekend. I told her the pay is too low not worth it. I would have done it if it is a decent pay or even average pay. She went nuts accusing me of being lazy and she is now going to get promoted. She said if you don't like to earn money then I will earn more than you and you stay at home do housework wait for me to get home and you lick my ****. She will ask me sometimes to help her with her job and if I don't have time and I am tired from work she will delete me from Facebook and ignore my messages. We talked about marriage and kids and she got mad because she wants me to ask my parents to help us pay the morgage for the house. She was like your parents have money and can afford. If they don't pay no kids and no marriage.

Even when we are not fighting she always says you are poor but I still love you.

1 y
I broke up with her. She kept trying to get back together but I said no. I got promoted and I am financially very stable now. I do miss her and sometimes have my weak moments. Do these people change?
Do emotionally abusive people change?
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