She Will Only Text - Never call

I know a girl who I am quite friendly with. We are just friends now but am trying to change that because I really like her.

Can an intelligent woman tell me why this girl will NEVER call? She will always immediately return texts but will rarely, if ever, return a phone call. I believe in the year I've known her she has only called me maybe 3 times. Again, if I text her she will always respond. If I call she will respond but only with a text. Also when I see her I always have to be the one to approach her. She is very friendly (and usually gives sexual innuendos) but will never make the first move.

So why will she only text and why avoidance when she sees me. Again, when I am with her we are great together and she drops hints on sex all the time. Why only texting? I know she does not have a boy friend or seeing anyone.


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  • this kind of sounds like me. I'm 24. I love texting, but I just hate talking on the phone. its awkward to me, I'd rather talk in person or text.

    however, if a guy I like calls me or asks me to call him, I would call him back out of respect for him. also, even though I never call the guy I like, I do like it and appreciate it when he calls me. :)


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  • How old is this girl?

    • Believe it or not 35. When we do talk (I approach her) the conversations can last kidding. She makes hints about sex as well. Am very confused. She did mention to me at one time that she has hard time relating to men.

    • Hmmm, not sure what to make of her then. 35 is too old to be playing the "I'm not gonna call you" game. That's childish. If she admittedly has men issues (read between the lines on the 'hard time relating to men' comment), then walk away. Damaged goods is damaged goods.

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  • are you sure she's not seeing someone?

    sounds like she'd rather keep you a secret.

    try writing her a hand written message...something nasty...


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